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The Plano Dance Theatre LLC has my permission to use my child's photo/likeliness for advertising and promotional use. *Note: Last names will never be used. *

I understand that with every physical activity there is risk of Injury, I will not hold The Plano Dance Theatre LLC or its staff responsible for any injury that may incur while participating in his/her class activities. *

I understand that tuition is payable the first lesson of each month.  Failure to pay by the 8th of the month will result in a 15% late fee. *

I understand there are no refunds for missed lessons.  My child is permitted to make up his/her missed lessons by filling out a "Make up Lesson" form. *

I understand that if my balance is more than 30 days outstanding, my child will not be permitted to participate in class. *

I understand that I am financially responsible for all classes my child is registered in.  I may adjust my child's class schedule (Add or Drop Classes) by filling out a "Class Registration Form" at the office. *

I understand that if I choose to end enrollment, I must submit notification in writing before the first of the month, or I will be held financially responsible until that paperwork is on file. *

I understand that all unpaid balances 90 days past due will be sent to collections. *

I understand that if my child presents disruptive behavior in class or in the lobby area, my child will be dismissed from class without refund. *

I understand that The Plano Dance Theatre LLC is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. *

I agree to comply with all policies set by The Plano Dance Theatre LLC.  I have read the PDT Policy information thoroughly, and I fully understand my rights and responsibilities as a registered student's parent or guardian. *

What kinds of classes are you interested in? *

If you chose "Recreational Classes" in the previous question, please specify which classes you are interested in.

You're almost done!  To complete registration, return to our website and make your payment.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.  We look forward to having you as part of the PDT Family!

Thank you for registering!  Welcome to the Plano Dance Theatre Family!

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